“After 25 years of hard work and dedication, I felt that a new career in sales is where I wanted to be,” said Fallea when asked why he made this career change. “My customer service expertise is my strongest asset I bring from the restaurant industry. I started investing in real estate at the age of 21 and that also has been a great help to my success in what I am doing today.”

Fallea has been steadily growing his business since he dove into the industry, becoming a Top Sales Individual with RE/MAX Preferred Realty, earning the RE/MAX Hall of Fame award in his 3rd year, as well as receiving the Diamond award in sales. Ranked as the number one Top Producing Real Estate Agent and Top Listing Agent from 2019 to 2021, he is punctual, hardworking, intelligent, dedicated and extremely knowledgeable about his profession. As a top agent and multi-million-dollar producer, he is a true advocate for his clients with an honest passion for obtaining the best possible results.

There are many other factors that likely contributed to Fallea’s successful (and very rapid) rise in the real estate industry. However, among the most important would be his expert negotiation skills and his well-rounded approach to marketing his listings. When combined, these skills translate into a quick sale at a great price, which of course leads to client satisfaction.

Fallea also attributes part of his success in real estate with his alignment with Bungalow Group, a premier builder in Windsor-Essex who has recently expanded their developments to Chatham. Their luxury homes come with an affordable rate, and Fallea is there to match quality homes with quality homeowners.

Additionally, Fallea has a unique component in his pocket that boosts his credibility – a partnership with Canadian entrepreneur and HGTV star Scott McGillivray. Being a McGillivray trusted agent does not happen to just any real estate agent, it happens when aspiring investors share values and passions. According to McGillivray’s website, a McGillivray Trusted Agent is someone with the “market knowledge and expertise guaranteed to make your real estate journey a smooth and successful one” which is why Fallea earned McGillivray’s trust.

“My partner in the investment end of our business, Mike Seal brings 25 years of experience and has been a part of Scott’s network for over 10 years since the inception of the Keyspire Network,” says Fallea. “It has been a pleasure to be able to speak amongst the thousands of investors with stage presence at private investment networks over the years, and to be able to promote our great city of Windsor and surrounding area. I have been able to share our city’s great values, and to share investment opportunities with the Windsor Movement.”

With Mike Seal at his side, Fallea’s pride and joy is the Windsor Essex Real Estate Team, which bears the fruit of their investment efforts. Their team consists of agents Paul Marini, Tannis Bence, Christian Conciatori, Mike Seal, Joe Fallea, Chuck Beaumont, and Client Care coordinator Danny Kakish. The whole team shares a common goal of achieving the highest level of service needed for client care, and bringing information to the table that will help people through the real estate process for single family homes, investments, and commercial properties.

There is always someone on the team willing and able to help. Fallea’s goal is to keep growing his business, and he plans to do so with additional investment properties. He always has his clients’ best interest at heart and strives to provide them with the award-winning customer service they have come to expect.

Fallea enjoys working with his customers to find the perfect property or opportunity. He loves getting involved with their lives, and making them happy. He finds it rewarding to be able to help people make the most of their purchases.

Fallea also wishes to extend a thank you to everyone at FREEDS for supporting him throughout both of his careers. Their friendship dates back to 1992, and he is proud to be a part of their brand image over the last 30 years. Freeds kept him dressed for success and has been an integral part of all his accomplishments. In today’s market, it is more important than ever to have a professional on your side.

With so many changes happening every day, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. However, a top realtor will always be ahead of the curve and able to help you navigate these changes. If you’re looking for someone who can help you buy or sell in this unpredictable market, you can trust in Joe Fallea.

Outside of real estate, Fallea is a family man who could not be more proud of the accomplishments of his wife Julie Fraser (owner of Walkerville Wellness) and four children. His three eldest, Sophia, Sante, and Teo, are all in University/College, while his 3 year old, Rocco, “runs the household.” Fallea’s family means the world to him, and he cannot wait to see their successes in their own endeavours as professional adults. He also loves giving back to the community through philanthropy and gives support to multiple charitable organizations.

His goal is always to be working hard for you and to be your Realtor of choice. Visit him online at www.joefallea.com or www.wereteam.com to learn more.