Written By: Alyssa Leonard
Photography By: on-running.com

From world-famous tennis player to shoe designer entrepreneur, Roger Federer is helping On take the tennis shoe industry by storm.

On is the number-one running shoe in Switzerland and is quickly gaining fans around the world. Federer joined the On team last year and promptly revealed he was working on new products. Using his unique experience, he’s helping On take their product development, marketing and fan experiences to new levels.

The result? THE ROGER collection.

THE ROGER is made with vegan leather, which has approximately 30 per cent of the footprint of animal leather, according to On. It’s designed for lightness to reduce material consumption. The mesh around the collar, the lining and the laces are made from 100 per cent recycled polyester. According to On’s co-founder, David Allemann, as both On and Federer have their heart and home in the Swiss mountains, they aspired to protect this natural beauty by creating a new generation of tennis-inspired sneakers with sustainability in mind.

THE ROGER Centre Court
Revealed last summer, the tennis-inspired all-day sneaker was the first in the Swiss-engineered collection with the Swiss Maestro.
According to On, THE ROGER Centre Court is a highly technical take on the classic tennis sneaker and was born from a shared passion for the point where performance and style intersect. It combines a timeless aesthetic with the lightweight comfort of On’s signature CloudTec® sole and the agile performance of Speedboard® technology for effortless all-day wear. While traditional tennis sneakers are built with vulcanized outsole manufacturing from the past, THE ROGER is powered by an ad-vanced lightweight foam. It also features an ultra-soft sock construction for non-stop comfort and ventilation.

“The minimalist design and easy comfort of On’s shoes had me hooked years ago,” says Federer. “I wanted to infuse the tennis sneaker with the same lightness, comfort and agility for every day.”

The first release, known as THE ROGER Centre Court 0-Series, was an ultra-limited pre-release. It was individually numbered and featured unique details within the colourway. THE ROGER Centre Court has since had its full launch.

THE ROGER Clubhouse
Known as the most expressive member of THE ROGER collection, the clubhouse brings a very different personality. It gives you next-gen technology in bold, nostalgic colourways.

Designed with the younger generation in mind, this sneaker is manu-factured using the same vegan leather but carries a chunkier look — a tailored nod to the more robust aesthetic of old-school tennis-inspired footwear. Block colours are borrowed from the 90’s sneaker culture to add texture and depth to the trend-led design. It’s also chromium and PVC-free. It still carries Speedboard® and CloudTec® technology and is available in white, grey and black.

“We wanted to come up with a product that would stand out from the inline collection and make a bolder statement,” explains Senior Product Designer Linn Kandel. “When it comes to the colourways, this iteration of THE ROGER Clubhouse is influenced by contemporary art and street style.”

According to On, THE ROGER Clubhouse delivers an expressive street-ready aesthetic. It’s the next-level sneaker for people who have places to be. It’s for those of you who believe the game never stops.

THE ROGER Advantage
From dancing until dawn to long walks downtown, now you can upgrade to high-performance Swiss engineering in street-ready sneakers.
This third tennis-inspired sneaker, co-created with Roger Federer, is the most widely accessible yet. It’s designed for everyday activities with both comfort and style. While the design is similar to the other two, it’s the only one in the collection that is available in several bold and bright colours. The herringbone-patterned grip on the sole gives you secure traction on grassy hills or wet sidewalks. It still features the Speedboard® and CloudTec® technology as well as the mesh tongue and sock construction. It uses the same vegan leather as the other two and is chromium and PVC-free. Unlike the first two, this final piece of the puzzle caters to all demographics.

With a significantly reduced environmental footprint, these high-performing tennis-inspired sneakers are shoes that you can surely feel good about choosing.

“Our design team was relentless in creating a tennis-inspired sneaker that performs as good as it looks,” says Senior Product Manager Ruth Heenan. “From the fine stitch-ing details to how it feels at the end of a busy day, we gave everything to make it right.”

Whether you’re on or off the court, THE ROGER collection is here for you. With a significantly reduced environmental footprint, these high-performing tennis-inspired sneakers are shoes that you can surely feel good about choosing.

“I love working with the On team, using my knowledge of performance footwear and personal interest in fashion to contribute to product development,” explains Federer. “I’m proud to be a part of the creation of THE ROGER, which is the most comfortable tennis-inspired sneaker you will ever wear.”

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