It takes dedication, passion, and commitment in order for a team of experienced real estate professionals to successfully navigate a competitive industry in which creative energy and marketing strategies are vital to growth. The Hasan Group is built on such a dynamic, with each agent selected through an assessment process meticulously lead by Shan Hasan, the team’s powerful leader. Recently teasing about The Hasan Group being “poised and perfectly set up for strong growth” Hasan has followed through with that promise, appointing four of his agents to partners.

Elton Fero, Amy Willms, Samantha Eskharia, and Jay Khawaja all come from di¦erent backgrounds and experiences, but all have that same eagerness and drive that Hasan looks for when selecting agents for the team. Upon his decision to promote some of his agents to partners, Hasan knew he was faced with a di§cult decision as the support and motivation that they all emit made it so that there would be no wrong choice.

In the end, Hasan truly believes that while the decision was difficult, selecting Fero, Willms, Eskharia, and Khawaja–the first three of which being the first agents Hasan brought on board–was the best decision. For Fero, “making partner and stakeholder is not only a crowning of my past and present accomplishments, but also an added responsibility to increase prosperity for our group and clients.”

Becoming successful can take a lot of effort, and can take shape in a number of ways. One of the best ways to grow, though, is to have a mentor who believes in you. That’s what Jay Khawaja sees in Shan Hasan.

“When Shan first sat down with me and told me that he wanted to make Samantha, Elton, Amy, and myself partners, it was an honour to think that he saw potential in each one of us, to help us grow to the next level,” Khawaja says. “Shan has been an amazing mentor, and the success I have achieved since I started my career as a realtor was attained by being part of a group of individuals who have the same vision and goals.”

When you spend almost a third of your life at work, it’s important not only to love what you do, but to enjoy who you do it with. Not everybody gets that privilege of genuinely enjoying not just their work, their co-workers, and their clients, but with the family-oriented dynamic of The Hasan Group, “the sky is the limit, and I am honoured to be a part of it,” says partner Samantha Eskharia.

For Eskharia, working with such a tightknit, powerful group is a wonderful opportunity that a lot of people don’t get to have, and she describes the
team as her “second family,” saying she is “thankful to get to do what I love most next to such amazing people.” Khawaja agrees, saying that “The Hasan Group is family to me, and we celebrate the good and work through the challenges together”.

The Hasan Group strives to be the best realtor group in the field, and partnership has become a great opportunity for personal and professional growth. Working with a team requires support and trust, and Eskharia says that those are two values that everyone brings to the table. “We all value each others’ strengths, and we all bring motivation and a positive attitude,” says Eskharia. “I truly believe being on this team has shaped me into a great realtor.”

Meanwhile, for Willms, becoming a partner is a huge growth opportunity, and she’s beyond excited to see what’s coming next. “Working for The Hasan Group has been an amazing experience for my professional growth,” she says. “Working with a talented, hard-working group of realtors such as The Hasan Group is my honour and pleasure.”

“The real estate industry is about trust, it’s about building
a rapport with those that you work with, whether they
are members of your team or one of your clients.”

At the end of the day, Eskharia says that she feels “honoured to be a part of The Hasan Group and work alongside such an amazing group of people.” The real estate industry is about trust, it’s about building a rapport with those that you work with, whether they are members of your team or one of your clients, and for The Hasan Group, money is merely a byproduct of the successes in doing so. Khawaja believes that “building lifelong relationships with colleagues, clients, and other partners in this industry makes each day a gift.”

When making one of the largest financial decisions of your life, you want to place your trust in someone who treats you like family, someone who can help steer you in the right direction with all of your needs and pave the way to success in your real estate journey, seeing you as more than just a paycheque. Whether you are a first-time buyer, a young investor with a desire to start your own portfolio, or an established family searching to purchase their dream home, The Hasan Group will welcome you with open arms, and they look forward to making your real estate dreams a reality. Give them a call at 226-788-9966 today to begin the search.