From L to R: Mark Eugeni, Brady Thrasher, Mitchell Deslippe, Paul Germanese,
& Joe Conlon. Nico Staff: Pina Sampietro, Marco Perri & owner Nick Politi

Written By: Jennifer Brignall-Strong
Photography By: Pat Scandale of livetech Photo/Video

What does it take to become one of the country’s top real estate agents?

While one might think it involves keeping your nose to the grindstone, it’s actually more about being all ears.

“We listen. We focus on doing a good job for our clients on a daily basis and I guess the results speak for themselves,” says Mark Eugeni of Manor Realty.

Eugeni, Joe Conlon, Paul Germanese, Brady Thrasher, and Mitchell Deslippe are the five dynamic Windsor-based real estate agents recently named among REP’s “Top 100 Real Estate Agents in Canada” for a second straight year. There are 126,000 realtors in the country.

Although they all work for different real estate firms, the closeknit group is once again honoured to share this prestigious accolade. They’ve even coined the term “co-opertition” to describe their unlikely friendship.

“What we’re doing is something novel,” says Eugeni. “I think it’s great that we all cooperate and want to help one another. We all get along so well.”

“It’s great that there are a few of us in the city sharing this honour,” agrees Thrasher. “Windsor is all about supporting and embracing community.”

“We try to stay as humble as we can,” laughs Conlon. “Without our clients this wouldn’t be possible.”

Deslippe agrees. “I feel so fortunate to be excelling in a career I enjoy so much. I would not be where I am if it weren’t for the ongoing support of my amazing clients.”

Clients First

Indeed, building long-lasting client relationships has been a driving force in their continued success.

“I have always pushed myself to give a level of service that would exceed a client’s expectations and make the home buying or selling process as  comfortable and stress-free as possible,” says Deslippe.

For Germanese, a 13-year veteran of Royal LePage and founder of the AW4U Real Estate Group, helping people find their perfect home gives him a sense of relief.

“I got here one client at a time,” says Germanese. “When my head hits the pillow at night, I know I’ll be good because they’re good.”

That attitude, combined with a balance of dedication, positivity, and teamwork, is what keeps this lively bunch at the top of their game.

Germanese, who is set to complete over 200 real estate transactions
this year, credits his AW4U team for keeping him grounded and
ensuring his clients’ needs are met.

“Find your tribe,” says Germanese, “Who you surround yourself with is very important.”

It’s a sentiment shared by Thrasher, Conlon, Deslippe, and Eugeni. Each of the award-winning realtors sites their coworkers’ support as integral in upholding their client-centred approach to business.

“It’s all about the client, the experience of the client, and the ease of the transaction, says Conlon. “Our entire team tries to make it as simplified and enjoyable as possible.”

Virtual Resources

Part of making things easy means giving both buyers and sellers access to the latest industry technology. This includes keeping up with market trends, harnessing the power of social media to advertise listings, as well as giving virtual tours and discussing offers via Zoom meetings.

“Luckily, as a younger team, we’ve already adapted to a lot of the technology side of the business,” says Conlon. “We have our own inhouse virtual tour software, as well as an online concierge service to help people with all aspects of their move, like changing their mailing address.”

According to Deslippe, technology plays a larger role in the industry now more than ever.

“Having the ability to adapt to new processes and innovations has helped me stay connected to my clients and still provide the highest level of service possible, says Deslippe. “Video conference calls, virtual home tours and online open houses have become common practice.”

“Consumers are definitely more educated and informed because of the online presence,” agrees Eugeni. “It’s good for sellers and good for buyers. It’s a trend we expect to continue, and not just because of Covid.”

Adapting During Covid-19

Although the pandemic has definitely had an impact on the way they do business, the group has looked at it as an opportunity to learn, grow, and connect in new ways.

“In the first two months, it was really just reaching out to people to make sure they were good mentally and physically,” says Thrasher. “It wasn’t about sales; it was a good time to reflect and recharge.”

After a slight downturn in March and April, the realtors and their teams are all back in the swing of things and busier than they were pre-pandemic, with no signs of the market slowing down anytime soon.

“In any business, even when there are challenges in the marketplace, there are always opportunities to help people. It’s about so much more than selling a home,” says Thrasher.

While many aspects of buying and selling a home have gone digital over the last few months, the agents have also adapted new safety protocols to ensure the peace of mind of their clients during traditional open houses and face-to-face meetings.

“People are very conscientious about following protocols; masks, sanitizer, taking off shoes,” says Eugeni. “There’s a little more comfort now in going to view a home and the sellers are feeling safe to have people walking through their homes.”

Looking Ahead

Although we are living in uncertain times, the agents maintain a positive outlook and are excited to see what the future has in store for them and the Windsor community as a whole.

“I’ve always thought that we have one of the most unique makeups all across Canada,” says Thrasher. “There’s just something about it; our grit, the hard workers, the sense of community. We have so many areas that have their own characteristics and identity. It is such a great place to live and work.”

“We’re excited to see how Windsor continues to adapt and grow,” adds Eugeni.

As for whether they’re hoping for a “three-peat”? Windsor’s “Top 100” crew say they aren’t setting out with that specific goal in mind. Instead, they will continue to focus on guiding both buyers and sellers with the same sound advice and personal touch that has helped them become among the best in the country.

“It’s so simple: just take care of your clients. People can tell when you truly care about their wellbeing,” says Conlon.

“We’re in a people business. It’s important that we let them know we care about them and that we’re protecting their best interests,” says Germanese. “A good realtor can save you a lot of money, time, and heartache.”